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AAA Imports DecoGallery
  horticultural pottery, baskets, metals & glassware decorative garden pottery   

AAA Imports

List Pricing

Dish Garden
  ♥ dish garden sets
  ♥ dish garden singles

  ♥ "plastic" singles

Floral Containers
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ seasonal
  ♥ utility

  ♥ dish gardens
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ plastic liners

"Green Pots"
  ♥ biopots
  ♥ melamine/resin
  ♥ plastic pot covers

  ♥ accessories-picks,       stakes, orchid clips

  ♥ bamboo
  ♥ willow
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ straw
  ♥ utility
  ♥ christmas
  ♥ plastic liners

  ♥ artistic
  ♥ bud
  ♥ cube
  ♥ flare
  ♥ jar
  ♥ pedestal
  ♥ rect./cylinder
  ♥ slender
  ♥ urn
  ♥ utility

Bonsai/Lucky Bamboo
  ♥ bonsai
  ♥ lucky bamboo

  ♥ Kim's Kandles




DecoBusiness inc dba AAA Imports


Ernest's Large Garden Pottery Sale

Ernest is having a SALE on all Big Garden Pottery. It's 20% Off Retail Price.


  • Remember the DecoGallery moved to AAA Imports
  • You'll see Big Pots out in front of 2725 W. Orange Avenue, Apopka, FL 32703
  • Directions stated below .....
  • Here's a partial list: PDF
  • NOTE: First Come ~ First Serve!


Office Hours:     monday thru friday, 9am to 5pm

Ernest Akhtar
Ernest Akhtar
DecoGallery Customer Service

t: 407-884-0078


Deb's Making Space Sale

Debbie is having a sale where select items are 75% Off List Price. Click on link below:

  1. Glassware
  2. Dish Garden Pottery

Give me a call because it's First Come ~ First Serve!


Office Hours:     monday thru friday, 9am to 5pm

Debbie Mentzos
Debra Mentzos
AAA Customer Service

t: 407-884-0078 x212

Innovative Horticultural Pottery

DecoBusiness Inc - designers, manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of fine products from China!

DecoBusiness is a multi-national corporation specializing in developing decorative products from China . . . for the Home and Garden Industry. We handle everything from the design of products, to its manufacturing in our chinese factories, to the shipping and importing of the product into the USA and Canada. We are also wholesale distributors of our merchandise, and retailers of a few very unique ideas for the Home and Garden. Contact us if you have any questions about manufacturing or importing . . . we are the experts! Or if you would like to talk about our unique offerings, we will gladly field your inquiries.


AAA Customer Service is our Specialty!


Give Debbie a call . . . she'll be happy to assist you.

Office Hours:     monday thru friday, 9am to 5pm


Debbie Mentzos
Debra Mentzos
AAA Customer Service

t: 407-884-0078 x212

DecoBusiness inc dba DecoGallery

Mr Ernest ...

We've consolidated with our retail outlet DecoGallery. Thus, we will still offer large garden pottery, concrete fountains and bird baths. We're still unpacking BUT we are ready for retail sales to all of our loyal customers. Come on by and see the progress, and buy a pot or two!!!

Mr Ernest is here to assist you. He's our resident Big Pot Expert, but ask him about fountains???

Ernest Akhtar (he's the one sitting)
DecoGallery Customer Service
t: 407-410-0888

New DecoGallery

See all of the Big Garden Pottery outside of the warehouse, ready for sale!


Retail Pricing

Garden Pottery
Garden Pottery

  ♥ garden pottery

  ♥ square-rectangle

  ♥ bowl-shaped pot

  ♥ miscellaneous
Massarelli Fountains
Concrete Products

  ♥ Massarelli Fountains



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