UPC Labeling (See example below)
Download Word Document of UPC Labeling


UPC Labels

There are some products that AAA Imports requires UPC Labeling. These products will be indicated in the purchase orders. Please create the following labels:

Pot Label Carton Label
  • About 1 inch in length
  • Place on the bottom of each pot or planter
  • UPC scan ready
  • About 3 inches in length
  • Place on the outer carton, on the upper right side, on the same side as the item number and description
  • UPC scan ready

Labels are on the www.AAAImports.com website with the Shipping Documents. Click on the label link to view the label. To save the label image, point to the label with the mouse cursor and right-button click, then save the label image to a folder of known location. You may use the label image to print labels for the specific product.

Example of label:

NOTE : Please be sure to test the labels and make sure that you are able to scan all UPC labels.