08 Welcome to the AAA Team

AAA Imports has carved a special niche in the horticultural pottery market, where we continuously produce new and innovative products, with great quality and a superb pricing!

We listen to our customers and create product that they are looking for ~~ it's not what we think will sell, but it's what our customers know they can sell!!

We emphasize product fulfillment and customer satisfaction with a smile!!!


Welcome to the AAA Imports Team ~~ we all work together as one, one happy family.

With your assistance and sales expertise, we can take AAA to the next level.

We will support you with catalogs, samples, inventory updates, special order information … the list goes on.

AAA has three in house customer service representatives (as well as our Sales Manager Bob Zhu) to answer your questions and fulfill your needs.

AAA realizes that you are our “front line on the battle field” and require all of AAA's support.

Let us all work together as a team – a winning sales team.