Order Form Definitions

The date the order is placed.
Sales Person
Money OrdersNo Name, No Commission!!!
Account #
Use only if you use account numbers for your customers.
P.O. #
If your customer uses PO’s then we will need this number, if not then put n/a.
Account Class
Use Retail, Wholesale or Mass Market. We must know this information.
How the customer is going to pay. If it is Net 30, a signed Credit Application must be included with the order. Incomplete Credit Applications will be sent back to the rep for completion.
Credit Card This mst be complete, legible, and signed.
Bill To Customers Bill To information. This must be complete and legible. Please include the state and zip code.
Ship To If the Ship To is different than the Bill To, please fill this out completely.
Federal ID The Federal ID number identifies a business as a legitimate entity. Providing this number assists in setting-up new accounts.
State ID The State ID number is usually associated with a Resale Certificate for Sales Tax Exemption. This number will assist in identifying the customer type - whether retail or wholesale customer.
New Address? If this is an existing customer we will need to know this or the order will be shipped to the old address.
Item Number Item number is the primary key to identifying a product. Please legibly write the entire Item Number.
Description & Case Pack Our name of the item, check your catalogs if you don’t know. Some case packs may be off, so we need to know what case pack you are referring too.
Quantity (in cases) How many cases of the item are they ordering. Please do not give us piece counts. Our system is only set up for cases.
Case Price This price should be the list case price.
Subtotal Case Price times Quantity equals Subtotal.
Total Please add-up your order and provide a Total Amount.
Special Instructions You can put anything down here like, Ship Date, Delivery Instructions, etc…
Back Order If we are out of stock on an item but your customer would still like to have it, we can back order it for your customer until it comes in.
Freight Terms Some of your customers may have trucks that come into Apopka to pick up plants. They can also use those same trucks to pick up their containers. We need to know how your customer wants their order shipped.
THAT’S IT!!!! If this is done correctly then the order can be shipped promptly once the order is submitted. Any INCOMPLETE Orders will be sent back to the Sales Rep.