Credit Accounts

Who qualify for a credit account?

Credit accounts are only open to wholesale, distributor, mass market, individual flower shops and garden centers that average annual sales are over $500,000.00. For the small retail shop, please suggest that they use credit cards as their form of payment.

If you have an account that requests a credit account with us, the following procedures are to be followed:

01 AAA Imports, Inc. Credit Application must be filled out.
02 We are not able to consider an account for credit without AAA Imports’ application signed, accepting our terms.
03 We must have at least 3 trade references that return our credit inquiry forms. The more trade references that we get the better.
04 We need to have fax numbers on all trade references. All credit inquiries are requested by fax.
05 No orders will be shipped out without a complete and approved Credit Application. All orders will be COD until the above is obtained.
06 We must have the Bank Reference information along with a copy of the Resale Sales Tax Certificate.
The more complete this procedure is, the faster it will be to get the credit approved and processed. Incomplete Credit Applications will be sent back to the Sales Representative.