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Dish Garden
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  ♥ dish garden
  ♥ utility
  ♥ wood

Floral Containers
  ♥ floral
  ♥ felt

  ♥ dish garden
  ♥ utility

"Green Pots"
  ♥ biopots
  ♥ melamine/resin
  ♥ plastic

Bonsai/Lucky Bamboo
  ♥ bonsai
  ♥ lucky bamboo

  ♥ glassware
  ♥ accessories

  ♥ Kim's Kandles









DecoGarden Catalog 2009

DB000-39001 Dish Garden

Elegantly designed porcelain, ceramic & stoneware containers for the tasteful grower. Your beautiful dish garden creations will be enhanced by our planters - available in floral designs, traditional blue porcelain, crackled lucky bamboo, glossy stoneware & bonsai.

Shipping: Common Carrier or Plant Transport, Not via Parcel Services (such as UPS or FedEx)

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DecoGarden Catalogs 2009


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Garden Pottery
Garden Pottery

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Massarelli Fountains
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