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  horticultural pottery, baskets, metals & glassware decorative garden pottery  

AAA Imports

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Dish Garden
  ♥ dg sets
  ♥ dg singles

  ♥ dish garden
  ♥ utility
  ♥ wood

Floral Containers
  ♥ floral
  ♥ felt

  ♥ dish garden
  ♥ utility

"Green Pots"
  ♥ biopots
  ♥ melamine/resin
  ♥ plastic

Bonsai/Lucky Bamboo
  ♥ bonsai
  ♥ lucky bamboo

  ♥ glassware
  ♥ accessories

  ♥ Kim's Kandles









DecoBasket Catalog 2010

DecoBasket Catalog 2009

Baskets are universal containers. They hold everything from your newest floral or silk arrangement, to fruit and snack baskets, wine and cheese, to our favorite chocolates.  We have a wide selection of bamboo and willow baskets.

Common Carrier, Plant Transport, or via Parcel Services (such as UPS or FedEx)

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DecoGarden Catalogs 2009


Retail Pricing
NOTE: Pot images show shape only, colors varied (visit to see!)

Garden Pottery
Garden Pottery

  ♥ garden pottery
Massarelli Fountains
Concrete Products

  ♥ Massarelli Fountains

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