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Dish Garden
  ♥ dish garden sets
  ♥ dish garden singles

  ♥ "plastic" singles

Floral Containers
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ seasonal
  ♥ utility

  ♥ dish gardens
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ plastic liners

"Green Pots"
  ♥ biopots
  ♥ melamine/resin
  ♥ plastic pot covers

  ♥ accessories-picks,       stakes, orchid clips

  ♥ bamboo
  ♥ willow
  ♥ dropins
  ♥ straw
  ♥ utility
  ♥ christmas
  ♥ plastic liners

  ♥ artistic
  ♥ bud
  ♥ cube
  ♥ flare
  ♥ jar
  ♥ pedestal
  ♥ rect./cylinder
  ♥ slender
  ♥ spiral cone
  ♥ tapered
  ♥ urn
  ♥ utility

Bonsai/Lucky Bamboo
  ♥ bonsai
  ♥ lucky bamboo
  ♥ orchid pots

  ♥ Kim's Kandles


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Greetings from the President:

AAA Imports is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of fine horticultural products. We offer a wide variety of containers, popular for blooming plants, flowers, foliage, candles and whatever else you can think of! Shapes, sizes, themes and styles are in abundance at AAA Imports. Our containers are made from a wide variety of materials such as resin, dolomite, terra cotta, metal, porcelain and wire. With over 50,000 square feet of warehouse, we have the inventory to support your needs.

Custom design work is our specialty so please don't hesitate to ask. You will be surprised how little it will take to have your own custom container made! Also, our products are economically case packed. We have a simple premise – more variety and more turns. You'll find our staff courteous, eager and excited to have the opportunity to serve you. So if you're looking for Novelty, Holiday or Everyday Containers – look no further. Count on us .… depend on us …. you'll be glad you did! Proudly Serving America for over 6 Years!

Bob Zhu
President, AAA Imports

Meet the Staff of AAA Imports:
Mr. Bob Zhu
Bob Zhu

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Clayton Yuen
Clayton Yuen

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Alicia Zhu
Alicia Zhu
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Heather Trivett
Heather Trivett
AAA Imports Manager
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Debbie Mentzos - Account Executive
Debra Mentzos

Account Executive

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Contact Information:
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DecoBusiness, Inc.
AAA Imports
2725 W. Orange Avenue
Apopka, FL 32703

Mailing Address:

P. O. Box 1659
Apopka, FL 32704
Telephone: 407-884-0078
1-888-886-6698 (toll free)
Facsimile: 407-886-2838


Map to AAA Imports

Map to AAA Imports

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